Hi everyone,

First of all, a praise to your work! I just decided that a AVR-based platform 
is no sufficient for my project and upgraded to an stm32-discovery board. All I 
needed to modify in my application was a few Pin and device settings (about 5 
lines). Thats it, the same application runs on a completely diffferent 
platform. Awesome!

To my question:
I'm working on an Ambilight clone (I already submitted a driver for my PWM 
devices). The device is connected via UART to a PC. Boblight runs on the PC 
and sends colors via a certian protocol over UART. I'm using a very basic 
protocol in the moment but would like to implement sanother one (LTBL). I 
would like to contribute the protocol Implementation, maybe it's of use for 
someone. So my question is: What would be the xpcc way of implementing a 
protocol on top of UART?

Currently I'm using a protothread that reads a data stream from uart and 
parses it token by token. However, I'm think more of something similar to a 

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