Am 07.12.2015 um 19:18 schrieb Wouter van Ooijen:
Op 07-Dec-15 om 6:25 PM schreef Odin Holmes:
I just asked FOSDEM how many speaking positions are still available in the room. I think we should all meet there, give awesome talks and then have an interactive ask us anything / feature wish panel where people with lots of embedded experience but little meta programming skill can tell us what problems they have trouble solving due to lack of library support. The C++ standard committee is asking for input from embedders as part of the SG14 working group STL enhancement (they put embedded in with games for some reason, maybe because we both don't use exceptions and RTTI).

And no heap. Except for the use of an OS it seems to me that small-embedded/real-tiem and gaming have a lot in common. But gaming seems to be a lot more active in lobbying with the comittee, so it just as well that they gree with us in most aspects :)

What do you guys think? Who would like to give a talk?

- Odin
- Wouter
- who for xpcc?
Kevin on xpcc and Niklas on how mbed will allow C++11 ;P


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