Am 07.12.2015 um 22:02 schrieb Niklas Hauser:

I just asked FOSDEM how many speaking positions are still available in the 
room. I think we should all meet there, give awesome talks and then have an 
interactive ask us anything / feature wish panel where people with lots of 
embedded experience but little meta programming skill can tell us what problems 
they have trouble solving due to lack of library support.
I wouldn’t consider myself knowledgeable enough for a panel in C++, especially 
when it comes to Metaprogramming and Standard library support. That language 
and library are so complex, they regularly baffle me.
That doesn't really matter, we need some good talks to attract embedders who ask for things. I can only make STL suggestions for stuff that I know I need but there is still no doubt many things I have not thought of that others need.

There are quite a lot of languages that work on embedded by now, with even more 
capable microcontrollers on the market.
Also consider the push for even smaller Cortex-A class embedded systems running 
Linux directly like Googles Brillo, or Amazons IoT platform.
As long as no batteries are involved, the product is not highly price sensitive and no hard real time guarantees are needed these are perfectly acceptable. But that is by no means the whole market.

It gets more and more difficult to justify C++’s language complexity in this 

What do you guys think? Who would like to give a talk?
- Odin
- Wouter
- who for xpcc?
Kevin on xpcc and Niklas on how mbed will allow C++11 ;P
I just gave a long talk about something really cool (I’m not spoiling it) as 
exemplified by xpcc, which was received very well, but I wasn’t planning on 
giving a talk at FOSDEM’16 though.

The submission deadline is the 18th December for Developer Rooms, so I have 
about 10 days to make up my mind.
Let me talk to Kevin and my colleagues first though.
I would love to hear it.

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