Hi there,

>> It gets more and more difficult to justify C++’s language complexity in this 
>> context.
>>>>> What do you guys think? Who would like to give a talk?
>>>> - Odin
>>>> - Wouter
>>>> - who for xpcc?
>>> Kevin on xpcc and Niklas on how mbed will allow C++11 ;P
>> I just gave a long talk about something really cool (I’m not spoiling it) as 
>> exemplified by xpcc, which was received very well, but I wasn’t planning on 
>> giving a talk at FOSDEM’16 though.
>> The submission deadline is the 18th December for Developer Rooms, so I have 
>> about 10 days to make up my mind.
>> Let me talk to Kevin and my colleagues first though.
> I would love to hear it.

I think I misread their schedule: the submission deadline has already elapsed, 
so won’t be a talk from me at FOSDEM’16.

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