Hi Szabó,

> I just found xpcc, and it seems very promising. In my project I use an
> STM32F103RC, and if I try to build a really simple project for it, I
> get this error: "Error: XPCC Error: Could not find xml device file.”.

We wanted to only add Device Files for devices that we have tested.
I think I will just add a bunch of device files, so that we can get hackers 
like you to not have to also deal with the hacky and undocumented device file 
generator (sorry).

> I looked in the tools/device_file_generator directory, but I don't
> really know how to use it. So my question is, what do I have to do to
> be able to use this mcu?

Here are all of my up-to-date device files:

It contains the right file for the STM32F103rc (stm32f103-r_v_z-c_d_e.xml) plus 
a bunch more stuff.

We don’t yet generate linkerscripts automatically (*poke* *poke* @ekiwi), so 
you also need to add a file to   src/xpcc/architecture/platform/linker/stm32   
called   stm32f103_c.ld   with this content:

        ROM (rx)  : ORIGIN = 0x08000000, LENGTH = 256k
        RAM (rwx) : ORIGIN = 0x20000000, LENGTH = 48k

INCLUDE stm32_ram.ld

I can compile it, when changing the project file for the STM32F1 blinky to 

I don’t have a F103 handy at the moment, so I haven’t tested this in hardware, 
but it might just be similar enough to the STM32F100 to just work (@24MHz 
You will very likely have to manually configure the clock tree using this class 
(well, the generated class):

The problem is that we cannot yet generate the System Clock Tree classes 
automatically, but there is a PR for that:

I will have a closer look at the System Clock over the holidays.

Happy Hacking,
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