> I'll probably be back with more questions soon... :)
And here I am!

I have several things to ask.

First, it is kind of awkward that I'm working with a "random" branch
of xpcc, in that I don't know where to apply bugfixes (I found a few
minor ones) so that they get back to my branch. Should I fork xpcc and
create a new "working" branch from master, and merge in the stm32f103
support branch and then later the new commits from master, and publish
the bug fixes on xpcc:master? (so if a new commit arrives to master, I
can merge it back to my branch)

Second, I noticed that on the I2cTransaction class, which is supposed
to be a general abstract class of every transaction, there are
"configureWriteRead", "configureWrite" and "configureRead", which
doesn't make sense to me (they aren't even implemented). Also, of the
3 classes which implement these all have all 3 methods even when it
doesn't make any sense (like "configureRead" on

Now, I figured I would write a transaction that would be
register-oriented (first byte of data is register number, then read or
write). On this transaction, the aforementioned methods should simply
not exist, but that's currently impossible.

Third, I wonder, why is "draw" a function pointer in "GraphicDisplay"
and not a virtual function? I couldn't yet figure it out...
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