2016-02-05 1:55 GMT+01:00 Niklas Hauser <niklas.hau...@rwth-aachen.de>:
> Yeah, probably not.

It actually compiled, but doesn't seem to work, altough I'm not sure
I'm doing everything right.

> You’ll have to configure your PLL and APB1 Prescaler to generate one of those 
> frequencies.
> I think you said you run at 48MHz?
> That would mean 24MHz for APB1 (because divided by 2 so you get less than 
> 36MHz).
> So you need to calculate BS1 and BS2 values for 24MHz.

I'm actually now running at 32MHz, because on higher frequencies
something causes those hard faults I was trying to solve earlier (Now
I'm sure it's hardware related, probably some interference).

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