2016-02-05 2:24 GMT+01:00 Niklas Hauser <niklas.hau...@rwth-aachen.de>:
> Ok.
> Radical idea: Forget SystemClock and configure the clock yourself.
> We did this for the STM32F072, which has the same problem of not having 
> SystemClock support.
> We created a MockUp for SystemClock:
> https://github.com/roboterclubaachen/xpcc/blob/develop/examples/stm32f072_discovery/stm32f072_discovery.hpp#L32-L38
> This is used to allow the peripherals to initialize correctly, since they 
> require the input frequency.
> Essentially it’s a manual representation of all the <output> tags and 
> prescalers in the clock tree.
> Then configure and initialize the clock tree yourself:
> https://github.com/roboterclubaachen/xpcc/blob/develop/examples/stm32f072_discovery/stm32f072_discovery.hpp#L65-L103
> The F103 doesn’t have the HSI48, so obviously you need to adapt this.
> You don’t have to start from scratch, you may have a look at the 
> xpcc::stm32::ClockControl:
> https://github.com/salkinium/xpcc/blob/feature/stm32f103_support_experimental/src/xpcc/architecture/platform/driver/clock/stm32/clock.cpp.in#L24-L42
> Generated file for F103 (might still be wrong!, Better verify this code with 
> the Reference Manual!)
> https://gist.github.com/salkinium/7113bb72c1f33ee6677d
> You then are free of the SystemClock dependency and should be able to just 
> use the normal develop branch.

I will try this then. I still need to copy over the device description
file, right?

> At 32MHz it shouldn’t compile, there are no CAN settings to choose from.
> Hm?

Actually, I was thinking the same. But I'm quite positive I'm running
at 32Mhz, the clock is configured like this:
using systemClock = SystemClock<Pll<InternalClock, MHz32>,
AhbPrescaler::Div1, Apb1Prescaler::Div1>;

and writing out xpcc::clock::fcpu  at runtimes confirms this.

> The F1 CAN hardwrae is identical to the F4.
> You need to initialize your filter as well.
> See this loop-back example here:
> https://github.com/salkinium/xpcc/blob/feature/stm32f103_support_experimental/examples/stm32f4_discovery/can/main.cpp#L55-L79

What is 'CanFilter::setStartFilterBankForCan2(14);'? If I'm only using
Can1, should I still call this with something?

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