>> Actually, I was thinking the same. But I'm quite positive I'm running
>> at 32Mhz, the clock is configured like this:
>> using systemClock = SystemClock<Pll<InternalClock, MHz32>,
>> AhbPrescaler::Div1, Apb1Prescaler::Div1>;
>> and writing out xpcc::clock::fcpu  at runtimes confirms this.
> Sure, but what is the value of `systemClock::Can1`?

It's 32MHz.

> And does
>         Can1::initialize<systemClock>()
> compile?
> I mean it really shouldn’t, 32MHz is not in the look-up table.

This is how I initialize Can1:

        GpioInputB8::connect(Can1::Rx, Gpio::InputType::PullUp);
        GpioOutputB9::connect(Can1::Tx, Gpio::OutputType::PushPull);
        Can1::initialize<systemClock, Can1::Bitrate::kBps125>(9);
        CanFilter::setFilter(0, CanFilter::FIFO0,
CanFilter::ExtendedIdentifier(0), CanFilter::ExtendedFilterMask(0));

So yes, it does, and I have no idea why.

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