On 05/02/16 02:59, Szabó Antal wrote:
This is how I initialize Can1:

         GpioInputB8::connect(Can1::Rx, Gpio::InputType::PullUp);
         GpioOutputB9::connect(Can1::Tx, Gpio::OutputType::PushPull);
         Can1::initialize<systemClock, Can1::Bitrate::kBps125>(9);
         CanFilter::setFilter(0, CanFilter::FIFO0,
CanFilter::ExtendedIdentifier(0), CanFilter::ExtendedFilterMask(0));

So yes, it does, and I have no idea why.

Did you make sure, that your version of xpcc includes the latest CAN code?

Try the latest version for STM32F103 from Niklas: https://github.com/salkinium/xpcc/commits/4ca26ba6d896cc0e55e182b5cd1f19e1424657a3

The old code did not properly detect unsupported frequencies. This was changed in commit 8cdc210dafd1d9d7424857ed2efd5e8643ac4454

If you want to calculate timing constants for your Frequency, you can find the python script that I used to generate the constants here: https://gist.github.com/ekiwi/51573729365405fef89c

Best of luck!

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