Hi Antal,

> Due to the recent clock changes
> (https://github.com/roboterclubaachen/xpcc/commit/4b67b08ffddeb608df3d90c0595cd21125c891db)
> there are now conflicts between develop and
> feature/stm32f103_support_experimental, so now I'm not even able to
> easily merge the new changes.

Yes, sorry, that was kind of unavoidable.
I had to modify the clock control changes so they work with the other chips and 
the old system clocks as well.

> Now that it's easier to manually configure the clocks, I think it
> would make sense to add the device and linker files (and whatever else
> is needed) for stm32f103 to develop, so it can be used without
> experimental features (but for now only with manual clock config).
> What are your thoughts?

That’s exactly the plan! :-)
I want to cherry-pick and amend the commits from the experimental branch to a 
separate feature branch and then add an example for the NUCLEO-F103 with the 
manual clock config in `Board::initialize()`.
It might take until the weekend though, so if you already have a feature branch 
with F103 support by then, I will use that.

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