2016-02-17 0:36 GMT+01:00 Niklas Hauser <niklas.hau...@rwth-aachen.de>:
> However, there are some _significant_ drawbacks with this solution:
> 1. __persistant_start can change at any time. Can be easily fixed by setting 
> it to a fixed address though.
> 2. If you have multiple symbols in this section, their order is not 
> guaranteed.
> 3. the .persistent section would be overwritten on every programming. Not 
> that useful for persistency.
> In short: Don’t do it this way

Actually this seems like an ok solution for me. What I tought is to
put all data that needs persisting into a struct, and save that to the
I would only rarely write to it (when turning off the device), that
way I think I can get away with the limited rewriteability of the
flash. (Let's say it's turned off every day in every year, which is
really an overestimation. Then it would last for at least 10000/365 ~
27 years.) Also, losing the data on reprogramming is not an issue,
this is just to store settings.

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