> Which specific I2C EEPROM chip do you use?

I'm using a 24FC128, specifically chosen because the driver mentioned
this family.

> You can debug the SoftwareI2C driver by adapting these lines:
> https://github.com/roboterclubaachen/xpcc/blob/develop/src/xpcc/architecture/platform/driver/i2c/generic/i2c_master_impl.hpp#L17
> This will give you a reasonable debug output over serial.

Sadly, I don't have a serial output connected to a PC, but I mostly
got used to it by now. I use the LCD for basic debugging, will see
what I can figure out using that.

> If that fails, I recommend looking at the physical bus with a logic analyzer.

I'm not sure I can get my hands on one, but if the problem persists I'll try.

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