Hi all,

I'm a new subscriber--my name is Shane Leonard, and I'm an electrical
master's student specializing in embedded systems at Stanford. I came
across XPCC in a personal quest to come up with a creative hardware
register access scheme, and your blog post on the subject was by far the
best I could find :) I'm currently rolling a basic platform for a
development board I made for the ATSAM4L, and as it turns out, I find
myself looking at your codebase quite a lot for inspiration. I know the AVR
and STM platforms are fairly removed from the Atmel SAM family, but I
wanted to gauge your opinions on whether it could be a good idea to fork
XPCC and start scratching together a framework for SAM or more specifically
SAM4L. I'll likely end up doing it for my own purposes either way, but I
would probably write more production-quality code from the start if I
suspected a chance for this to make it into the main codebase.

Thanks, and keep up the awesome work!
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