I am xrdp 0.5 user in Japan.
In Japanese environments, xrdp cannot recognize some keys, e.g. \
(Key133 in km**-.ini)
so, I wrote patch to recognize these keys.
In my environments, this patch works well.

And, I also made Japanese Keyboard Layout file, km-e0010411.ini .
There are some km***.ini files in a Japanese environment.

- km-0411.ini
- km-e0010411.ini
- km-e0200411.ini
- km-e0210411.ini

I tested km-e0010411.ini only.
Perhaps, other files are the same content as km-e0010411.ini .


yasuhiro (thaniwa)

Attachment: xrdp-0.5.0-xrdp-lang-c.patch
Description: Binary data

Attachment: xrdp-0.5.0-xrdp-xrdp_types-h.patch
Description: Binary data

Attachment: km-e0010411.ini
Description: Binary data

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