Blueprint changed by Sean Davis:

Work items changed:
  Work items:
  [xubuntu-dev] Update appstream metadata for GUI applications: TODO
  [bluesabre] xfce4-keyboard-overlay: Port to vala or integrate with Xfce, 
Consider for inclusion: TODO
  [xubuntu-dev] parole: New PackageKit plugin installer: TODO
  [xubuntu-dev] xfce4-pulseaudio-plugin: Possibly replace indicator-sound: TODO
  [xubuntu-dev] Integrate the Pidgin theme: TODO
  [ubuntu-cdimage] Review xubuntu-core patches: TODO
  [xubuntu-dev] Add Create document templates with translations for default 
apps: TODO
  [xubuntu-dev] Investigate Thunar patches and/or replacement file manager: TODO
- [bluesabre] Restore camera functionality to Mugshot: TODO
+ [bluesabre] Restore camera functionality to Mugshot: INPROGRESS
  [xubuntu-dev] Get xfdashboard uploaded to universe: INPROGRESS
  [bluesabre] sgt-puzzles: Create a launcher to cleanup menus, consider for 
inclusion: INPROGRESS

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