So, you may have noticed that I'm doing some testing of bionic, as
requested :-).... Which leads to me asking all kind of questions in
#xubuntu-devel, and launchpad. I hope I'm not keeping you from more useful
tasks. Is so, please tell me.

Anyway: now that I'm digging into testing bionic, I'm also digging into
xubuntu and linux a bit deeper. As a result I have found the logs. And even
opened a few.

In those logs, I see things that, with my little knowledge about the inner
workings of Linux and xubuntu, I would deem to be problems, errors,
messages which seem to point to real problems, even though bionic is
running smoothly.

My question is: would it be worth your time if I'd trawl through the log
files and report anything suspicious (to my untrained eye) on
#xubuntu-devel? Or would that be utterly pointless, and a waist of your

Trying to help where I can,

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