I've had Xubuntu on my home desktop for years, using 15.10. I have
full-disk encryption, so that's the first prompt, and that always
unlocks successfully.

Since some recent upgrades (I can't identify what), whenever I get to
the actual login screen, it displays for about half a second and then
goes blank. If I leave it for 5-10 mins, and then come back and move the
mouse, it clears and displays the login screen correctly, and I can log
in and all is OK.

In fact, even when it goes blank, the password box has the focus, so I
can actually type my password blind and log in and everything comes back
on and works.

Rather than report a bug on an outdated system, I decided it was time to
upgrade to 16.04. I usually run Enlightenment, which doesn't monitor
system versions or settings, so this time I booted into xfce.

I started update-manager from the command line, which invited me to
upgrade to *Kubuntu*!

I'm not sure why it did this, as I don't know the criteria it uses to
judge what distro you're running, and I have never in my life installed
Kubuntu, although I do have a few items of KDE-originated software

No matter, Ubuntu is Ubuntu, so I went ahead, and everything installed
without apparent error. K asked me for the disk password, and that went
OK, but now the screen goes blank and stays blank except for a *tiny*
cursor in the top left-hand corner.

I can use Ctl Alt F1 and get a terminal job, and log in and run startx,
and KDE comes up OK (which is how I'm writing this). So it seems the
system is just fine: only the login screen never appears.

1. Is this a known bug (ie do I need to log it)?

2. How do I change the default session interface from KDE to another
installed one (eg xfce or Enlightenment) *from the command line* (seeing
as I have no access to the login screen where the drop-down session
indicator is)?


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