I could change the fontsize by using xrandr 
 but the system is very unstable then. Suddenly fragments of windows are 
visible on the external monitor. After a few minutes only the left top quarter 
of the external monitor is active, the other three quarters are fixed and no 
refreshing occurs.

On Febr. 4 2018, at 6:00 pm, Joe Schneider <em...@josef-schneider.org> wrote:
> My GPD Pocket (1920*1080) runs with Xubuntu 16.04 LTS, which is my standard 
> OS also on an X220. My problem is that expanding on a second monitor with 
> lower resolution (1280*1024) does not work successfully on the GPD. The fonts 
> are much too big. On my X220 the connection to this monitor works perfectly 
> (their resolutions are more similar). Xubuntu does not give good solutions, 
> xrandr did not help (at least it is not stable). Are there any improvements 
> planned for 18.04 LTS?

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