On 07/04/18 00:11, Peter Flynn wrote:
On 06/04/18 08:55, Chris Green wrote:
On Thu, Apr 05, 2018 at 08:14:55PM +0100, Peter Flynn wrote:
(Also, I did not know if I should remove the stick before reboot after
installation finished
Most distributions explicitly ask you after the "Restart Now" button,
something like "Please remove the installation media and press Enter" or
something similar. I thought Xubuntu was among them...maybe not 18
No, I've seen this 'problem' as well when installing Xubuntu, I've
never seen a "remove the installation medium" message and have to
guess when to take it out.  Often I get back to the installation
screen and have to remove the USB stick and reboot.
Mint certainly has it because I installed a copy the other day and there
it was right at the end before the reboot. I was pretty certain Xubuntu
had it, but I may just be wrong; and I think I've seen it in
RedHat-based systems too. It certainly makes sense: I can't imagine why
it wouldn't be there.


We have it.

I've seen it, and I do boot our iso's really regularly - though it can take a long time to appear.

That said I just rebuilt our iso's following an update to fontconfig (which was causing long boot time on live-session and for the 1st login post-install) and the remove media message turned up in a normal(ish) time.


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