I've written up a XUL News wire story about XAML the
latest invention that Microsoft the self-proclaimed
"innovation hot house" unveiled today in Los Angeles.

  You can find the XUL News Wire story titled "XAML In
Action: A Closer Look At Microsoft's XUL Rip-Off"
online @

  Allow me to quote Charles Petzold's grand finale:

Avalon and XAML represent a departure from Windows
application programming of the past. In many ways,
designing your application's UI will be easier than it
used to be and deploying it will be a snap. With a
lightweight XAML markup for UI definition,
Longhorn-based applications are the obvious next step
in the convergence of the Web and desktop programming
models, combining the best of both approaches.     

  Also the blogsphere is abuzz. Here's a comment I
stumbled over in one of dozens XAML stories:

  I've seen the XAML API, and I think a lot of people
will be quite surprised when they see it. Microsoft
has thrown out and re-invented every popular W3C
standard there is. They have re-invented HTML, XUL,
CSS, and SVG with completely new languages. Standards
weenies will not be happy.

  Any comments?

  - Gerald

PS: For the Mozilla XUL junkie crowd check out Wesner
Moise's blog story titled "Markup-based UI" online @
 Is that how you want to get treated?

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