XZ Utils 5.2.2 is available at <http://tukaani.org/xz/>. Here is an 
extract from the NEWS file:

  * Fixed bugs in QNX-specific code.

  * Omitted the use of pipe2() even if it is available to avoid
    portability issues with some old Linux and glibc combinations.

  * Updated German translation.

  * Added project files to build static and shared liblzma (not the
    whole XZ Utils) with Visual Studio 2013 update 2 or later.

  * Documented that threaded decompression hasn't been implemented
    yet. A 5.2.0 NEWS entry describing multi-threading support had
    incorrectly said "decompression" when it should have said

The 5.0.x branch is no longer maintained. As of 2015-09-29 there are no
known major bugs and it is fine to keep using 5.0.8 for now if you
don't want to upgrade to 5.2.x. The API and ABI in 5.2.x are backward
compatible with 5.0.x so it should be straightforward to upgrade from
5.0.x to 5.2.x.

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