On 2016-04-21 Earnestly wrote:
> >   - Autoconf 2.69
> >   - Automake 1.15
> >   - Libtool 2.4.6
> >   - Gettext 0.19.7  
> I'm using these tools built from developmental head and while the
> ltmain.sh script exists it isn't copied into the AUX_DIR

The version information is important, thanks. Since the problem only
occurs with a development version, it's a bit early spend energy to
patch projects that use AC_CONFIG_AUX_DIR.

> As a number of projects have the same issue it seems very likely that
> there's a regression somewhere in the autotools infrastructure but
> it's something I'm not at all motivated to dig into as I lack the
> energy to deal with GNU.

Yes, it does sound like a possible regression.

> If this merit isn't worth the additional top-level clutter then feel
> free to ignore this patch.

If there's a problem with a stable release of Autotools, then I may
need to commit the patch. When the issue is only in a development
snapshot, there's a chance it will get fixed before the next release.

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