Ximin Luo dixit:

>I'm not sure if you understood what was being discussed.

I understand it extremely well.

>proposed patch affect your scenario? This is not about CONFIG_SHELL,

It is. Straight from your diff:

>      for gl_cv_posix_shell in \
>-        "$CONFIG_SHELL" "$SHELL" /bin/sh /bin/bash /bin/ksh /bin/sh5 no; do
>+        /bin/sh /bin/bash /bin/ksh /bin/sh5 "$CONFIG_SHELL" "$SHELL" no; do

This makes $CONFIG_SHELL no longer the preferred POSIX shell.

This breaks when a system has a /bin/sh that passes all gnulib
tests (and thus is used as POSIX_SHELL) but has other bugs that
make it unusable, for example. The user can then no longer over‐
ride this bad choice of the configury.

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