XZ for Java 1.8 is available at <http://tukaani.org/xz/java.html> and
in the Maven Central (groupId = org.tukaani, artifactId = xz). Here is
an extract from the NEWS file:

    * Fix a binary compatibility regression: XZ for Java 1.7 binaries
      in the Maven Central require Java 9 which is too new. XZ for
      Java 1.8 binaries require Java 5. (XZ for Java 1.6 and older
      binaries require Java 1.4.)

      If you are using OpenJDK 9 or later, you will need to edit the
      "sourcever = 1.5" line in the file "build.properties" before
      running "ant". Set it to 1.6 or higher. The default value 1.5
      isn't supported by OpenJDK 9 or later.

    * Add "Automatic-Module-Name" = "org.tukaani.xz".

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