On 2018-07-25 Pavel Raiskup wrote:
> ShellCheck dislikes unused variables in 'read unused_var', rather
> use 'read _'.
> Drop always-true condition in src/liblzma/common/index.c that made
> Coverity think that the 'newg' might leak out.

Thanks! I have committed both changes.

I kind of agree with both you and Thorsten Glaser about unused variable
names. In this particular case I thought the patch is OK (no effect on
readability or maintenance).

Off-topic, but I'm not sending this as a separate message for a reason:
xz-devel subscribers with a gmail.com address might have issues
receiving all posts (hopefully this one comes through). Last month some
xz-devel message(s) got bounced:

    Our system has detected an unusual rate of unsolicited mail
    originating from your IP address. To protect our users from spam,
    mail sent from your IP address has been temporarily rate limited.
    Please visit
    https://support.google.com/mail/?p=UnsolicitedRateLimitError to
    review our Bulk Email Senders Guidelines.

It may have been temporary but it was long enough to result in
undelivered mail. The list has proper List-foo headers (I believe) and
tukaani.org has SPF records. I'm not going to spend time to figure out
how to get the list blessed by Google and I'm not really asking anyone
to help either; I'm writing this mainly to inform people. If the problem
repeats, I will put a notice about gmail.com addresses on the website.

Sorry about the noise.

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