in contrast to its competitors (ancestors…?) gzip and bzip2, xz is already
internationalized. But there's no convenient way for translators to submit their
files. Even the update of existing po files after appropriate source code
changes is up to translators. Moreover, xz ist currently translated into six
languages only, which is poor for such a widely used tool. This is because
potential translators are not aware of the fact that xz is internationalized.

It would be nice if xz would be integrated into a global translation platform.
The best choice would be the GNU Translation Project [1] because most of the
basic command line tools (from coreutils, diffutils, util-linux, wget etc.) are 
maintained there. Please read the instructions for maintainers [2] to see what
you have to do:

Once you are planning a new release, create a pre-release tarball two weeks
before. Update the translation template (*.pot) and send it to the
TP coordinator. He will merge this new template with the existing po files and
send these to the teams (even to that teams which still haven't submitted a
translation for xz). Two weeks later, you pull the updated po files back from
TP and make your release. That's all, and for more convenience, it can be
simply scripted.

[1] http://translationproject.org/html/welcome.html
[2] http://translationproject.org/html/maintainers.html

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