Sorry for the delay. I was away from my computer for many days.

On 2019-06-12 Mario Blättermann wrote:
> I've created a framework for the internationalization of man pages.
> It works as follows:

Overall looks good. :-)

Minor things:

  - #!/bin/sh is portable for simple scripts, no need to use env.

  - create-translated-manpages.sh has a typo, po4.conf should be

  - Is xzdec-man.pot intentionally there or should it be part of

> As a prerequisite, the po4a tools are needed, see [1].

This should be fine. It could be nice to set things up so that it's not
a hard dependency when using code from the git repository. It can
matter if one doesn't have po4a trivially available via a package
manager but one still has GNU Autotools. I can take care of this.

> A German translation (de.po) is already included.

Wow, even xz.1 is there, translating it is a lot of work.

There are two warnings:

    warning: file './xz.1', around line 449:
      table wider than line width
    warning: file './xz.1', around line 512:
      table wider than line width

The translated column names are so long that the table doesn't fit into
80 columns.

The use of … instead of ... might be typographically better, but I
wonder if it can interfere with further processing of the files. In

    xz [option]... [file]...

was changed to

    xz [option...] [file...]

as requested by Eric S. Raymond to make the man page friendlier to
doclifter[1]. I don't know if … vs. ... can affect it or not; I didn't
try to find out now.

[1] http://www.catb.org/~esr/doclifter/

> Unfortunately, I have no experience with GNU Autotools, I'm just a
> translator, and no more than that. I don't know how to integrate the
> contents of my scripts with "configure" and the existing m4 macros.

No worries, I can look into those details. The installation of the man
page files might be a bit messy part. For example, I wonder if for
each translated xz.1 there needs to be a unxz.1 and xzcat.1 (as
symlinks) too like there are for English versions.

> Once it works, xz needs a second translation domain at GNU TP.

OK. The translations of the command line tools are temporarily stuck due
to me at the moment. :-(

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