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> Hello!
> Sorry for the delay. I was away from my computer for many days.
> On 2019-06-12 Mario Blättermann wrote:
> > I've created a framework for the internationalization of man pages.
> > It works as follows:
> Overall looks good. :-)
> Minor things:
>   - #!/bin/sh is portable for simple scripts, no need to use env.
>   - create-translated-manpages.sh has a typo, po4.conf should be
>     po4a.conf.

>   - Is xzdec-man.pot intentionally there or should it be part of
>     xz-man.pot?
It's an artifact from a separate creation of a pot file for xzdec.1.
Can be safely removed,
its content is already in xz-man.pot.

> > As a prerequisite, the po4a tools are needed, see [1].
> This should be fine. It could be nice to set things up so that it's not
> a hard dependency when using code from the git repository. It can
> matter if one doesn't have po4a trivially available via a package
> manager but one still has GNU Autotools. I can take care of this.
For my understanding, a packager should either ship the package with
complete translations (both UI and man pages) or no translations at all
(using "configure --disable-nls"). Po4a is a collection of Perl scripts without
any exotic dependencies, and it doesn't eat up lots of disk space. As far as
I can see, sufficiently current packages are available for all mainstream
distributions [2].

> > A German translation (de.po) is already included.
> Wow, even xz.1 is there, translating it is a lot of work.
I've translated the man pages over the last years, step by step, and xz.1
was the last and biggest step. Currently the translated man pages are shipped
with the manpages-de package [1], with the inevitable delay between upstream
release of the original man pages, translations, release of manpages-de
and packaging it downstream. Would be much better to maintain the translations
directly in xz, and hopefully get more languages soon, once the TP domain
has been created. But I know about about translators such as Jakub
Bogusz (Polish)
and Yuri Chornoivan (Ukrainian) which are known to me as very interested in
docs translations in general and man page translations in particular.

> There are two warnings:
>     warning: file './xz.1', around line 449:
>       table wider than line width
>     warning: file './xz.1', around line 512:
>       table wider than line width
> The translated column names are so long that the table doesn't fit into
> 80 columns.
This should be fixed before the GNU TP robot sends the new template
to the translation teams. And moreover, there are still six gettext messages
in the German po files marked with a FIXME comment, which also should be
fixed in the source files.

> The use of … instead of ... might be typographically better, but I
> wonder if it can interfere with further processing of the files. In
> 2013
>     xz [option]... [file]...
> was changed to
>     xz [option...] [file...]
> as requested by Eric S. Raymond to make the man page friendlier to
> doclifter[1]. I don't know if … vs. ... can affect it or not; I didn't
> try to find out now.
> [1] http://www.catb.org/~esr/doclifter/
Yes, I know about this tool, I'm maintaining its Archlinux package. Normally,
the Unicode ellipsis shouldn't break the workflow in Groff or Po4a. But indeed,
it should be tested. And moreover, the ellipsis is better readable in monospace
fonts if we prepend a whitespace character. I usually do this in all
other UI and
man page translations.

> > Unfortunately, I have no experience with GNU Autotools, I'm just a
> > translator, and no more than that. I don't know how to integrate the
> > contents of my scripts with "configure" and the existing m4 macros.
> No worries, I can look into those details. The installation of the man
> page files might be a bit messy part.

Have a look at [3]. This is an attempt to get the man pages of the Psmisc
tools translatable. For better understanding, I'm not the author of those
patches, they come from a friend of mine, and although I understand
their effects,
I'm unable to adapt their workflow to Xz. The m4 file seems to be some
crucial, it
makes sure that no translated man pages get generated if "configure
is called.

> For example, I wonder if for
> each translated xz.1 there needs to be a unxz.1 and xzcat.1 (as
> symlinks) too like there are for English versions.
The symlinks are also needed for all languages, otherwise calling
"man unxz.1" would lead to the English version of xz.1.

> > Once it works, xz needs a second translation domain at GNU TP.
> OK. The translations of the command line tools are temporarily stuck due
> to me at the moment. :-(
Do you need some help with proofreading and testing the translations from TP?

[1] https://salsa.debian.org/manpages-de-team/manpages-de
[2] https://pkgs.org/download/po4a
[3] https://gitlab.com/psmisc/psmisc/issues/22

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