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> Am Sa., 22. Juni 2019 um 23:53 Uhr schrieb Lasse Collin
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> >   - Is xzdec-man.pot intentionally there or should it be part of
> >     xz-man.pot?
> >  
> It's an artifact from a separate creation of a pot file for xzdec.1.
> Can be safely removed,
> its content is already in xz-man.pot.

OK. :-)

> For my understanding, a packager should either ship the package with
> complete translations (both UI and man pages) or no translations at
> all (using "configure --disable-nls").

Yes. It's also easy to add a separate --enable-translated-man-pages if

> As far as I can see, sufficiently current packages are available for
> all mainstream distributions [2].

Portability problems tend to occur outside mainstream distributions
(often non-free OSes) and there one can be happy if the GNU Autotools
are available easily enough. It's those cases where extras like po4a
could be annoying if one is trying to build xz.git instead of relying
on a pre-created source package.

This shouldn't be hard to handle, that is, if po4a is missing and one
builds xz.git, one might not get translated man pages but the build
otherwise works. Another important thing is to ensure that official
tarballs won't accidentally get released without translated man pages.

> Have a look at [3]. This is an attempt to get the man pages of the
> Psmisc tools translatable.

Thanks. My Automake skills have gotten rusty so that gives some ideas to
me; at the same time I see things in the patch that don't look so right.

The interesting thing about the patch is how it runs "$(MAKE)
install-man" with overriden variables. *If* that is a safe thing to do
(i.e. if it doesn't count as too bad abuse of Automake internals) it
simplifies the installation part nicely.

> > For example, I wonder if for
> > each translated xz.1 there needs to be a unxz.1 and xzcat.1 (as
> > symlinks) too like there are for English versions.
> >  
> The symlinks are also needed for all languages, otherwise calling
> "man unxz.1" would lead to the English version of xz.1.

I'm aware. I was hoping to be lazy. ;-)

> > > A German translation (de.po) is already included.  
> >
> > Wow, even xz.1 is there, translating it is a lot of work.
> >  
> I've translated the man pages over the last years, step by step, and
> xz.1 was the last and biggest step.

:-) Since you must have read the man page carefully, I wonder if you
have wishes or suggestion how to improve the original English version.

> Do you need some help with proofreading and testing the translations
> from TP?

In some form maybe but I don't know what exactly I want. We discussed in
private email about the problems in many (not all!) new translations:

  - Over-long lines in --help and --long-help

  - Column heading alignment issues in --list --verbose and other places

The alignment issues I promised to fix it in the master branch with
code that splits each heading name into a separate string and the
alignment is handled in code. I'm hesitant to include it in the v5.2
branch and xz 5.2.5 since v5.2 should get just bug fixes to reduce the
chance of regressions. So something should be done if new translations
are wanted in 5.2.5 but I didn't decide what that something should be.

The overlong lines in --help simply should be fixed by the translators.
In the near future xz won't have auto-wrap support for --help strings.
I know that it would help translators but it's non-trivial code and I
don't want to introduce external dependencies just for that. Some GNU
packages use GNU argp functions which provide auto-wrap but it's broken
for multibyte locales because the code assumes 1 byte = 1 character = 1

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