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> Am Mi., 12. Feb. 2020 um 19:05 Uhr schrieb Lasse Collin
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> > On 2020-02-12 Mario Blättermann wrote:  
> > > Lasse Collin <lasse.col...@tukaani.org> schrieb am Fr., 7. Feb.
> > > 2020, 15:32:  
> > > >     The extra po4a options like unknown_macros=untranslated
> > > >     aren't needed in XZ Utils.  
> > >
> > > Not for now, but with this options it is better because po4a
> > > changes its behavior from time to time. Keeping the options would
> > > be safer.  
> >
> > Hmmm, I don't know what kind of behavior changes po4a may have (or
> > has had),  
> In fact, it's the standard set of options which we use in
> manpages-l10n to cover all imaginable problems and peculiarities in
> Groff and Mdoc code. If you are sure you don't need these options,
> just omit them.

OK, makes sense when you have to handle man pages from many sources. I
am pretty sure that those aren't needed in xz so now I feel fine to
omit them. Thanks.

> I've created a new pot file and merged with the existing translation.
> The result is attached.

Thanks. I committed it.

I tested the makefile changes on old FreeBSD and OpenBSD images I
happened to have around and the man page installation and symlink
creation worked fine without GNU tools. So I guess it's OK to include
the German man pages in xz 5.2.5.

Should I mention something specific in the NEWS file about the German
man pages? Like "these are newer than those in manpages-de 2.16"? I can
imagine packagers being annoyed when files like this move from one
package to another. Giving a hint about which file is newer could
perhaps make them slightly less annoyed.

> > The uninstall code can remove more files than the install part
> > installs: if the package included German xz.1 but not German
> > xzdec.1, the uninstall target will still remove both if they exist.
> > It's a minor bug that I think is OK to leave unfixed.
> >  
> This is only relevant in some odd cases when somebody installs into
> /usr/ which is only for the files from distribution packages. Then it
> could happen that a file vanishes, which actually belongs to the
> manpages-de package. Well, it's some kind of undesired behaviour, but
> users should normally know that they must not install anything in
> /usr/ manually.

In this particular example, if manpages-de contained both xz.1 and
xzdec.1, the "make install" would overwrite the German xz.1 (but not
xzdec.1). So some damage would already happen at the install step.

Currently the installation of translated man pages is tied to NLS
support. When the required NLS libraries aren't available for
translating the program messages, configure disables NLS support. This
also disables the installation of the translated man pages. I don't know
if this matters. I don't even know how many OSes support translated man

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