On 2020-12-26 Vitaly Chikunov wrote:
> This wasn't working, because `memlimit_compress` initialized with
> zero, thus memory limit is never lowered for 32-bit address space,
> causing `Cannot allocate memory' error (in `lzma_outq_init()'). For
> example, when `-T0' is used on 32 CPUs with compression level higher
> than `-6'.

Zero means disabling the limiter. That is the default. The patch would
change this and enable a memory usage limit by default on 32-bit

If you want to enable a limiter by default, you may use the environment
variables XZ_DEFAULTS or XZ_OPT (see the man page).

The whole memory usage limiting feature is a bit controversial and I'm
hesitant to enable anything by default (although with threaded
decompression there may need to be some default *soft* limit). Your
suggestion is reasonable but someone else may prefer that xz gives a
hard error if too high settings are specified instead of xz trying to
outsmart the user and change the settings automatically. Perhaps that
sounds silly but I don't have energy for endless arguments where both
sides are kind of right but both wishes cannot be fulfilled at the
same time.

I cannot make everyone happy.

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