XZ for Java 1.9 is available at <https://tukaani.org/xz/java.html> and
in the Maven Central (groupId = org.tukaani, artifactId = xz). Here is
an extract from the NEWS file:

    * Add LZMAInputStream.enableRelaxedEndCondition(). It allows
      decompression of LZMA streams whose uncompressed size is known
      but it is unknown if the end of stream marker is present. This
      method is meant to be useful in Apache Commons Compress to
      support .7z files created by certain very old 7-Zip versions.
      Such files have the end of stream marker in the LZMA data even
      though the uncompressed size is known. 7-Zip supports such files
      and thus other implementations of the .7z format should support
      them too.

    * Make LZMA/LZMA2 decompression faster. With files that compress
      extremely well the performance can be a lot better but with
      more typical files the improvement is minor.

    * Make the CRC64 code faster.

    * Add module-info.java as multi-release JAR. The attribute
      Automatic-Module-Name was removed.

    * The binaries for XZ for Java 1.9 in the Maven Central now
      require Java 7. Building the package requires at least Java 9
      for module-info support but otherwise the code should still be
      Java 5 compatible (see README and comments in build.properties).

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