On 2021-04-11 21:48:39 [+0300], Lasse Collin wrote:
> Yes, sorry, I didn't read carefully enough.

no worries.

> After the XZ for Java 1.9 release I wanted a short break but it's
> already been a month. Outside the Java version there are multiple XZ
> things to do (not all on xz-devel) and I think I should do a few of the
> small ones first to shorten the list a little before your big threading
> patch. I know my handling of the threading patch may at this point
> appear both rude and ridiculous but I just don't get enough things
> done, I'm really sorry. :-(

Okay. So last time you threw a few .xz files at me which did improve the
decoder logic which was nice. If you have any of these in your cabinet…

Other than that, I keep waiting until you get to it. As I said earlier,
the Debian gates are closed so for now I don't mind waiting.

I don't know if this "query available memory" qualifies for little
thing. It was part the huge patch but it could be split out. There was
also the 3GiB limit for 32bit architectures I asked for compared to the
~4GiB limit which works only on 32bit xz running on 64bit host. The mips
patch that you merged is kind of in the similar corner (although I don't
remember if the fixed 2:2 split counts for all mips all just a specific


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