XZ Utils 5.3.2alpha is available at <https://tukaani.org/xz/>. Here is
an extract from the NEWS file:

    This release was made on short notice so that recent erofs-utils can
    be built with LZMA support without needing a snapshot from xz.git.
    Thus many pending things were not included, not even updated
    translations (which would need to be updated for the new --list
    strings anyway).

    * All fixes from 5.2.5.

    * xz:

        - When copying metadata from the source file to the destination
          file, don't try to set the group (GID) if it is already set
          correctly. This avoids a failure on OpenBSD (and possibly on
          a few other OSes) where files may get created so that their
          group doesn't belong to the user, and fchown(2) can fail even
          if it needs to do nothing.

        - The --keep option now accepts symlinks, hardlinks, and
          setuid, setgid, and sticky files. Previously this required
          using --force.

        - Split the long strings used in --list and --info-memory modes
          to make them much easier for translators.

        - If built with sandbox support and enabling the sandbox fails,
          xz will now immediately exit with exit status of 1. Previously
          it would only display a warning if -vv was used.

        - Cap --memlimit-compress to 2000 MiB on MIPS32 because on
          MIPS32 userspace processes are limited to 2 GiB of address

    * liblzma:

        - Added lzma_microlzma_encoder() and lzma_microlzma_decoder().
          The API is in lzma/container.h.

          The MicroLZMA format is a raw LZMA stream (without end marker)
          whose first byte (always 0x00) has been replaced with
          bitwise-negation of the LZMA properties (lc/lp/pb). It was
          created for use in EROFS but may be used in other contexts
          as well where it is important to avoid wasting bytes for
          stream headers or footers. The format is also supported by
          XZ Embedded.

          The MicroLZMA encoder API in liblzma can compress into a
          fixed-sized output buffer so that as much data is compressed
          as can be fit into the buffer while still creating a valid
          MicroLZMA stream. This is needed for EROFS.

        - Added fuzzing support.

        - Support Intel Control-flow Enforcement Technology (CET) in
          32-bit x86 assembly files.

        - Visual Studio: Use non-standard _MSVC_LANG to detect C++
          standard version in the lzma.h API header. It's used to
          detect when "noexcept" can be used.

    * Scripts:

        - Fix exit status of xzdiff/xzcmp. Exit status could be 2 when
          the correct value is 1.

        - Fix exit status of xzgrep.

        - Detect corrupt .bz2 files in xzgrep.

        - Add zstd support to xzgrep and xzdiff/xzcmp.

        - Fix less(1) version detection in xzless. It failed if the
          version number from "less -V" contained a dot.

    * Fix typos and technical issues in man pages.

    * Build systems:

        - Windows: Fix building of resource files when config.h isn't
          used. CMake + Visual Studio can now build liblzma.dll.

        - Various fixes to the CMake support. It might still need a few
          more fixes even for liblzma-only builds.

Lasse Collin

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