XZ Utils 5.2.6 is available at <https://tukaani.org/xz/>. Here is an
extract from the NEWS file:

5.2.6 (2022-08-12)

    * xz:

        - The --keep option now accepts symlinks, hardlinks, and
          setuid, setgid, and sticky files. Previously this required
          using --force.

        - When copying metadata from the source file to the destination
          file, don't try to set the group (GID) if it is already set
          correctly. This avoids a failure on OpenBSD (and possibly on
          a few other OSes) where files may get created so that their
          group doesn't belong to the user, and fchown(2) can fail even
          if it needs to do nothing.

        - Cap --memlimit-compress to 2000 MiB instead of 4020 MiB on
          MIPS32 because on MIPS32 userspace processes are limited
          to 2 GiB of address space.

    * liblzma:

        - Fixed a missing error-check in the threaded encoder. If a
          small memory allocation fails, a .xz file with an invalid
          Index field would be created. Decompressing such a file would
          produce the correct output but result in an error at the end.
          Thus this is a "mild" data corruption bug. Note that while
          a failed memory allocation can trigger the bug, it cannot
          cause invalid memory access.

        - The decoder for .lzma files now supports files that have
          uncompressed size stored in the header and still use the
          end of payload marker (end of stream marker) at the end
          of the LZMA stream. Such files are rare but, according to
          the documentation in LZMA SDK, they are valid.
          doc/lzma-file-format.txt was updated too.

        - Improved 32-bit x86 assembly files:
            * Support Intel Control-flow Enforcement Technology (CET)
            * Use non-executable stack on FreeBSD.

        - Visual Studio: Use non-standard _MSVC_LANG to detect C++
          standard version in the lzma.h API header. It's used to
          detect when "noexcept" can be used.

    * xzgrep:

        - Fixed arbitrary command injection via a malicious filename
          (CVE-2022-1271, ZDI-CAN-16587). A standalone patch for
          this was released to the public on 2022-04-07. A slight
          robustness improvement has been made since then and, if
          using GNU or *BSD grep, a new faster method is now used
          that doesn't use the old sed-based construct at all. This
          also fixes bad output with GNU grep >= 3.5 (2020-09-27)
          when xzgrepping binary files.

          This vulnerability was discovered by:
          cleemy desu wayo working with Trend Micro Zero Day Initiative

        - Fixed detection of corrupt .bz2 files.

        - Improved error handling to fix exit status in some situations
          and to fix handling of signals: in some situations a signal
          didn't make xzgrep exit when it clearly should have. It's
          possible that the signal handling still isn't quite perfect
          but hopefully it's good enough.

        - Documented exit statuses on the man page.

        - xzegrep and xzfgrep now use "grep -E" and "grep -F" instead
          of the deprecated egrep and fgrep commands.

        - Fixed parsing of the options -E, -F, -G, -P, and -X. The
          problem occurred when multiple options were specied in
          a single argument, for example,

              echo foo | xzgrep -Fe foo

          treated foo as a filename because -Fe wasn't correctly
          split into -F -e.

        - Added zstd support.

    * xzdiff/xzcmp:

        - Fixed wrong exit status. Exit status could be 2 when the
          correct value is 1.

        - Documented on the man page that exit status of 2 is used
          for decompression errors.

        - Added zstd support.

    * xzless:

        - Fix less(1) version detection. It failed if the version number
          from "less -V" contained a dot.

    * Translations:

        - Added new translations: Catalan, Croatian, Esperanto,
          Korean, Portuguese, Romanian, Serbian, Spanish, Swedish,
          and Ukrainian

        - Updated the Brazilian Portuguese translation.

        - Added French man page translation. This and the existing
          German translation aren't complete anymore because the
          English man pages got a few updates and the translators
          weren't reached so that they could update their work.

    * Build systems:

        - Windows: Fix building of resource files when config.h isn't
          used. CMake + Visual Studio can now build liblzma.dll.

        - Various fixes to the CMake support. Building static or shared
          liblzma should work fine in most cases. In contrast, building
          the command line tools with CMake is still clearly incomplete
          and experimental and should be used for testing only.

Lasse Collin

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