On 2022-11-22 Sebastian Andrzej Siewior wrote:
> This looks like it is staticaly linked against liblzma.

The shared libs in Debian seem to be correct as you managed to answer
right before my email. Thanks! :-) But the above comment made me look at
Debian's liblzma.a. The output of

    readelf -aW usr/lib/ia64-linux-gnu/liblzma.a

includes the following two lines in both 5.2.7 and 5.3.4alpha:

    Unwind section '.IA_64.unwind' at offset 0x2000 contains 15 entries:
    <lzma_get_progress@XZ_5.2.2>: [0x1980-0x1a50], info at +0x108

There are no older versions on the mirror so I didn't check what
pre-5.2.7 would have. But .IA_64.unwind is a ia64-specific thing.
Many other functions are listed in those .IA_64.unwind
sections too but lzma_get_progress is the only one that has "@XZ"
as part of the function name.

I don't understand these details but I wanted let you know anyway in
case it isn't a coincidence why lzma_get_progress appears in a special
form in both liblzma.a and in the linker error messages. The error has
@@XZ_5.2 (which even 5.2.0 has in shared liblzma.so.5) but here the
static lib has @XZ_5.2.2 which exists solely for CentOS 7 compatibility.

lzma_cputhreads doesn't show the same special behavior in ia64 liblzma.a
even though lzma_cputhreads is handled exactly like lzma_get_progress in
the liblzma C code and linker script.

Lasse Collin

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