On 2022-11-23 21:12:53 [+0100], To Lasse Collin wrote:
> > It is fine to build *static* liblzma with --disable-symbol-versions on
> > all archs. Debian-specific workaround is fine in the short term but
> > this should be fixed upstream. One method would be to disable the extra
> > symbols on ia64 but that is not a real fix. Perhaps it's not really
> > possible as long as the main build system is Autotools, I don't
> > currently know.
> I'm not sure what other do but it might be reasonable to disable symbol
> versions for static linking/ compile since there should be no need for
> them.
> I kicked a mariadb build on amd64 with liblzma-dev as an addititional
> dependency just to see if it fails.

Just for the protocol: The mariadb build on amd64 with liblzma-dev
installed passed. So this was not it…


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