XZ Utils 5.4.4 is available at <https://tukaani.org/xz> and

Here is an extract from the NEWS file:

5.4.4 (2023-08-02)

    * liblzma and xzdec can now build against WASI SDK when threading
      support is disabled. xz and tests don't build yet.

    * CMake:

        - Fixed a bug preventing other projects from including liblzma
          multiple times using find_package().

        - Don't create broken symlinks in Cygwin and MSYS2 unless
          supported by the environment. This prevented building for the
          default MSYS2 environment. The problem was introduced in
          xz 5.4.0.

    * Documentation:

        - Small improvements to man pages.

        - Small improvements and typo fixes for liblzma API

    * Tests:

        - Added a new section to INSTALL to describe basic test usage
          and address recent questions about building the tests when
          cross compiling.

        - Small fixes and improvements to the tests.

    * Translations:

        - Fixed a mistake that caused one of the error messages to not
          be translated. This only affected versions 5.4.2 and 5.4.3.

        - Updated the Chinese (simplified), Croatian, Esperanto, German,
          Korean, Polish, Romanian, Spanish, Swedish, Ukrainian, and
          Vietnamese translations.

        - Updated the German, Korean, Romanian, and Ukrainian man page

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