On 2023-09-07 Jules Maselbas wrote:
> The XZ_DEC_BCJ macro was not defined when only selecting the ARM64 BCJ
> decoder, leading to no BCJ decoder being compiled.
> The macro that select XZ_DEC_BCJ if any of the BCJ decoder is
> selected was missing a case for the recently added ARM64 BCJ decoder.
> Also the macro `defined(XZ_DEC_ARM)` was used twice in the condition
> for selecting XZ_DEC_BCJ, so this patch replaces one with

Thanks! I kept the ordering of the filter names the same as elsewhere
in the file and in xz_dec_bcj.c.

The ARM64 filter still hasn't been submitted to Linux but it's on the
to-do list.

Lasse Collin

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