XZ Utils 5.6.1 is available at <https://xz.tukaani.org/xz-utils/>.

Here is an extract from the NEWS file:

5.6.1 (2024-03-09)

    * liblzma: Fixed two bugs relating to GNU indirect function (IFUNC)
      with GCC. The more serious bug caused a program linked with
      liblzma to crash on start up if the flag -fprofile-generate was
      used to build liblzma. The second bug caused liblzma to falsely
      report an invalid write to Valgrind when loading liblzma.

    * xz: Changed the messages for thread reduction due to memory
      constraints to only appear under the highest verbosity level.

    * Build:

        - Fixed a build issue when the header file <linux/landlock.h>
          was present on the system but the Landlock system calls were
          not defined in <sys/syscall.h>.

        - The CMake build now warns and disables NLS if both gettext
          tools and pre-created .gmo files are missing. Previously,
          this caused the CMake build to fail.

    * Minor improvements to man pages.

    * Minor improvements to tests.


Jia Tan

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