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So, in fact I started to introduce such kind of spherical shape-test in a 
previous commit [1], where I let fabricTensor() accept non-periodic simulations 
(before this first commit [1], fabricTensor() crashed in such non-periodic 

At that time, this shape test was intended to let fabricTensor() disregard any 
boundary effects, by comparison with the previous behavior restricted to 
periodic simulations.

However, I introduced in [1] this shape test only in the main workflow of 
fabricTensor() code, which has a role when split = 0 (default). For the special 
case split=1, other lines of code do the job, where I did not introduce any 
shape test.

Then, considering classical dry simulations (with interactions at geometrical 
contact only) of spherical packings loaded by plates, you may get slightly 
different results between

- fabricTensor()[0] that disregards boundary interactions

- and fabricTensor(splitTensor = 1,thresholdForce =0)[0] that included boundary 

Even though, both should apply to the same contact interactions network, from 
my point of view

This second commit [2] aimed thus to correct this mistake, introducing the 
shape test in the "split=1 code part" as well, and reconciling the two results 
of fabricTensor()[0] and fabricTensor(splitTensor = 1,thresholdForce =0)[0] for 
such classical dry simulations.

As you see, all this arises from my current point of view that non-spherical 
bodies are always used as boundary elements in non-periodic simulations. I can 
introduce changes (in addition to the ClassIndex suggestion, thanks) if you 
think other behaviors are required / meaningfull




fabricTensor(): unify the behavior regarding boundary interactions wh... · 
...ether split=0 or 1: they are now disregarded in both cases


fabricTensor() now ok for non-periodic simulations. revertSign attrib... · 
...ute removed as well


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