See (for reference) 
and previous commit, thanks !


Capillary scripts commit ( ยท 
yade/trunk@e23a181<> Located in a new 
examples/capillaryLaplaceYoung folder intended to illustrates capillary Law2. 
With one new simulation script example and another old one, moved here


Jerome Duriez, Research Associate

University of Calgary, Dpt of Civil Engineering

+1 403 220 7367

From: Yade-dev <> 
on behalf of Jerome Duriez <>
Sent: September-08-16 6:02 PM
To: Yade dev
Subject: [Yade-dev] Capillary scripts

Hi there,

Attached are three .m scripts aimed at generating capillary files for use with 
Law2_ScGeom_CapillaryPhys_Capillarity. Obviously, the idea, discussed 
previously here and there on the mailing lists, is to make this part of YADE 
more "open-source". Also, there is two major differences with previous (L. 
Scholtes') work:

* these scripts may generate capillary files accommodating any contact angle 
value, instead of 0 previously

* they provide new output as an "orientation tensor" defined from the 
fluid-fluid interface of capillary bridges. These data would constitute new 
attributes of CapillaryPhys, see "nn11" and "nn33" in the attached version of 
CapillaryPhys.hpp. (Note that these nn11 and nn33 can be used to get the bridge 
fluid-fluid interface S as S = 2*nn11 + nn33). This is about post-processing 

The attached README.txt details the role of the .m files and how to use them: 
interested users in the end just need to give a look to, and launch, 

The core of the work, as usual, is solving the Laplace-Young equation for a 
capillary bridge configuration. The corresponding, quite classical, equations 
appear in solveLiqBridge file/function. There will be a dedicated journal paper 
on this topic, currently under "Minor Revision" review.

These files are ready to be pushed to trunk, together with updated 
CapillaryPhys (see attached), and Law2_ScGeom_CapillaryPhys_Capillarity, in 
order to read the new data (nn11 and nn33) from generated capillary files.

This email is for possible discussion before I perform the commit.



PS: Vaclav, I took the liberty cc-ing you since I had once the feeling you 
would be interested in such scripts. (Woo does not include any capillary 
interactions at the moment, though ?)


Jerome Duriez, Research Associate

University of Calgary, Dpt of Civil Engineering

+1 403 220 7367
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