Conclusion: the mailing lists still work. We can communicate through yade-dev too.

Feedback on the "Yade guide":

1- it seems to work, it is impressive
2- it's probably better to crawl the archives of recent years only (mentionning scons in relation with compiling issue is very confusing) 3- in the end, the first paragraph could be shortened, something like "possibly related issues:"


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Date:   Mon, 28 Aug 2023 07:10:37 -0000
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Question #160514 on Yade changed:

Yade Guide posted a new comment:
Hey there! As an automated bot, I've gone through your question and
found a few relevant threads that might interest you. Feel free to
explore these topics further by clicking on the links provided below.

Title: "compilation failed on debian wheezy"
The user faced issues with YADE, which were resolved by deleting 'build-unknown'. Despite using the latest git version (7b3752a), they still encountered 'yade-unknown' on Wheezy. The issue should be fixed when python-git 0.3.2~RC1-1 migrates to Wheezy, and the user needs to clean their scons.profile from any 'garbage'.

Title: "Problem while launching YADE"
Benoit encounters issues with YADE launch due to missing libraries despite successful compilation, Jerome and Anton provide assistance. Suggestions include using '/home/benoit/YADE/install' as the DINSTALL_PREFIX and checking if 'DINSTALL_PREFIX=$HOME/YADE/install' works. Starting from rev 6d9fdab6 it does not matter any more, what path to use: relative or absolute.

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