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Jérôme Duriez proposed the following answer:
I guess it would be tricky, at least..

Updating InteractionLoop in O.engines is obviously straightforward, but
chances are high (certain) Yade will crash right after if you do nothing

Among other things, you would need to switch all your interactions
physics from one kind (among those presented in [*]) to another (among
the same ones in [*]).

Obviously two distinct physics classes have normally distinct attributes, e.g. 
ViscElPhys includes some rolling resistance "mr" which is not present in 
CapillaryPhys. On the other hand, CapillaryPhys needs a "vMeniscus" ViscElPhys 
does not have...
How would you define your new interaction data from the old interaction data ?

Plus also, changing bodies materials, and maybe interaction


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