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dear prof.Bruno:
Thank you for your reply, and I understand what you mean mostly.sorry, I still 
need your help as follows:
first,I have searched for what you recommend "assign the adhesion to the 
different group", for example ,the question 
""[1] .is that what you 
meant? and I would try to use it then and put my simple scripts here.
another question, if i am going to model the nano indentation process, and i 
would like to use PFacet to model the hollow glass sphere, just not take into 
account the splitting of the PFacet, it remains elastic or even plastic state. 
and i use a spherical indenter to indent the composite made of glass sphere and 
cement paste. I want to use DEM to model the nano indentation because my 
material tends to be a particular problem, and I am going to model the loading 
and unloading process and  plot the diagram between the repulse force acting  
on the spherical intender and the indenter displacement. there are other 
authors use FEM to model the indentation like[2], are 
there any other authors using DEM method or even YADE to do that?  how to 
calculate the repulse force acting on the indenter? The bonds between the 
sphere and cement paste might be week enough to break down first and i have to 
calibrate the adhesion between tw
 o different materials, right? any ideas or recommendations? 
If I have any logical problem and state that not correct, could you please let 
me know, thank you.

looking forwards to your reply.

best regards


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