Dear all,
Some of you noticed that the updates of yadedaily packages or online documentation were not very frequent.
Recently some changes occured in the hosting of yade.

* The packages are still at the adress <> but this address is now pointing to a different repository which should really be updated _daily_ Most likely you will not notice any other difference but please report the problems if you find any. * The building system is a new one - using "docker" (thanks to Rémi Cailletaud), again you may not notice by the end-product. * The host hardware is also a new one but still transitory. We shall acquire a dedicated server in the coming months which will be the final destination. At that point we can think of updating yet more frequently, possibly including debug builds. * The manpower is still very limited, so _if someone is willing to participate to the package management please let us know_.

Happy new year to all yade-user's and yade-dev's!

Bruno Chareyre

Bruno Chareyre
Associate Professor
ENSE³ - Grenoble INP
Lab. 3SR
BP 53
38041 Grenoble cedex 9
Tél : +33 4 56 52 86 21
Fax : +33 4 76 82 70 43

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