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Hi Weijy,

Sorry but I get a bit confused.

You create an assembly by running an internal compaction and write it in
a text file. This text file contains positions of spheres and radii of a
(hopefully) dense sample. OK

Then, you load this dense sample in your simulation and run once again
an internal compaction (stressMask = 7,internalCompaction = True)...

What is it that you want to achieve?

If you want to simulate a triaxial loading on this dense sample, just
load it, create the cohesive bonds between particles, apply the
confining pressure through the displacement of the boundary walls and
then the deviatoric loading (cf. the script I sent you). Actually, you
can create a dense sample using any other contact laws (you can even do
it through the interface using the triaxial compression test which will
create a packing of spheres and write it in a text file in the working
folder at the end of the hydrostatic loading.

For you question: "Material and size of the spheres& walls are the same.
Why should this happened when I reload the state from the txt file?"

It is normal since you load a packing that does not contain any
information related to its mechanical state (the text file only contains
the particles positions and radii). If you want to launch the simulation
(packing+mechanical state), you have to use and then O.load().


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