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Hi, Ed Carlos Alves Rocha:

The YADE-OpenFOAM example was posted around year 2009-2010 based on
YADE-0.11.1 which is a very old version and although some python
features were added to YADE, python was not supported during that time.
Due to personal schedule I was not able to keep that version up to date
with the yade main branch.

Basically, to reproduce that example, you will need to use yade-0.11.1
and OpenFOAM-1.4, although I believe you can still get these old
versions, it might be a bit difficult to get all things running (however
I can still help if you have specific errors).

A newer update for DEM-OpenFOAM is at, it
was not using YADE but ESyS-Paticle as the DEM simulator, there is also
build instructions posted on that site, basically repeating the same
seepage/consolidation problem which might be easier to reproduce. Still,
the same issue, I am not able to keep the versions up to date, so try to
find those old versions of the code (ESyS-Particle-win and OpenFOAM-1.5)
and not the latest ones. I am not sure if this is a good place to post
ESyS-particle related questions but I am still able to answer questions
related to that.

Note that I might not be able to respond you very promptly, however if
you need further assistance, please let me know.


Feng Chen

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