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Giovanni Lorenzon is still having a problem:
Hi Bruno,

Thank you very much for your answer.

I tried with that command, but I couldn't make it work. I thought that maybe 
the problem was related to the fact that the pressing body is a facet, but I am 
not sure about that.
The related code that I used was:

press = geom.facetCylinder((0,0,.03), .01, .001, segmentsNumber=30, wallMask=7)
idPress = O.bodies.append(press)

    [...code related to other purposes...],
    PyRunner(command='addPlotData()', iterPeriod=100),    

def addPlotData():
        [...code related to other purposes...],

And each time the command 'addPlotData' was called, YADE gave me the
following error message:

"ArgumentError: Python argument types in
    ForceContainer.f(ForceContainer, list)
did not match C++ signature:
    f(pyForceContainer {lvalue}, long id, bool sync=False)"

Anyway, even solving this error, I'm concerned with the very output of
the command: wouldn't it give me the amount of all the forces acting on
the body, would it? Thus both shear and normal stresses I guess, right?
That wouldn't actually be what I was looking for, since I need to define
the stopping condition according to the normal stress only.

I also found the command 'forcesOnPlane'/'forcesOnCoordPlane', but also this 
one computes both shear and normal stresses.
Therefore my worries about which strategy I should adopt.

Thanks again,

Giovanni Lorenzon

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